Tax Savvy

However you choose to work you have to pay tax:

As a Limited Company you need to register your company with the HMRC and pay Corporation Tax on your company profits

As a self-employed person you need to understand the most tax efficient way to run your business and claim your expenses.

As an individual it’s likely that you will have to complete a personal Tax Return every year.

The one thing these tax processes have in common is that they are all complicated. Where do charity donations fit in? Is a Company Car a real tax benefit? Can gifts to staff be tax free?

There’s someone madly waving their hand in the air to answer those questions. Oh hello – that’s us!

By the way if you’re organised and can get your information to us way before the deadline we’ll give you a preferential rate!

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An accountant that gives you better rates when you
send in tax info nice and early.